Farr 30 International Regatta 2016



Farr 30 International Regatta 2016

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The spectacular town of Båstad, Sweden and Båstad Marina will host the 2016 Farr 30 International Trophy also classes as the Swedish National Championship from August 3rd with 4 great race days. This storied event returns to Europe after a successful 2012 World Championship sailed also in Båstad, Sweden where nineteen teams from seven countries battled it out for the title of World Champion. This year organizers hit a turn, due too not enough participating boats too meet the ISAF criteria for a World Championship the Swedish and international Farr 30 organizers have decided to host the international event as a World Championship but with a different name. This year the ‘’Worlds’’ will also be the official Swedish National Championship. The teams will showcase their skills in the highly competitive and beloved Farr 30 One Design.

You can bet that Harald Bruening of Germany has his eyes to keep the prize under his arm during the 2016 Edition of the Farr 30 International Trophy after winning the trophy during the 2014 Farr 30 World Championship, During 2014/2015 there have been allot of boats that changed owner with new faces to the class and lots of new experience. Two youth teams joining, Farr 30 Youth and Team Delft Challenge with more to come. International teams from Oman and the USA will be welcomed to be on the starting line for the Worlds 2016.

Båstad is an ideal location from a geographical point of view, a location that allows for good logistics, but more so, offers a fantastic sailing arena on the waters outside Båstad. And with a new fantastic concept for onshore entertainment and state of the art media setup, we can be sure to enjoy some great social activities both on and off the water. Conditions on the water offer the challenges you would expect from a World Championship, currents, shifting winds and rough seas if the weather conditions allows”.

The International Farr 30 Class association invites you to the 2016 edition of the Farr 30 International Trophy

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Farr 30 International Regatta 2016

Båstad, Sweden

 1-7 th August 2016



Farr 30 International Regatta

The Farr30 racing in Scandinavia have offered some great racing over the years with a growing participation from European teams so it is no wonder that the interest around the series 2016 is going to be booming. We’ll see more teams from more nations, even outside of Scandinavia, joining in on the fight to be crowned champions 2016. This year we’ll work hard to bring many boats to the staring line and improve on the shore side with new thinking. Our aim is also to have tracking and results live with daily videos after each race day. This years edition of the Scandinavian and European Series will be sailing in Marstrand, Keil, Wernermunde and Båstad. Follow us on Facebook for more updates!








Farr 30 International Regatta 2016